Tips to Follow When Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Home

Hiring an interior designer becomes necessary when the spaces start looking jaded and boring. You get an expert on board with the hope to manage the spaces, beautify the look and feel of rooms and elevate the aesthetic appeal of the interiors.

But yes, first you have to choose a right designer with domain knowledge and experience with different types of homes and architecture. Since you are going to invest money in enhancing the visual appeal of the interiors, you need to be sure about hiring right person for the job. That’s why; it makes sense to follow some steps and ensures a smooth hiring and less mistakes along the way.

Here are some tips to follow when you hire an interior designer –

Identify your style

First of all, you have to identify your style so that you know what is needed exactly. You got to be sure about the things you want to transform and changes you want in the interiors. Without knowing your personal styles and tastes, you won’t be able to get on board right designer for sure. Even expert designers will need to know your preferences and tastes to deliver on the promise and expectations.

Check portfolios to know more about designers

After you have identified your styles and requirements, you can go ahead and check portfolios of interior designers to find a right match for your project. Before hiring anyone, you need to know their works and track record; you must assess what they have created to be sure about their credentials. This might also give some more ideas about your interiors and you can even raise the expectations a bit more.

Know your budget and designers’ charges

Knowing your budget is very important before you embark upon hiring an expert for interior designing. Only then can you hire someone whose charges are a fit to your budget. You should know that charges could be either on a fixed or hourly basis, depending upon the way you hire. You can thus hire a right person to get the interior designed in a perfect manner.

Fix a meeting with designers

With every other things settled and chalked out, it’s time to fix a meeting with designers and find a right one from the lot. The meeting should be a platform to discuss everything in regard to project handling, turnaround time, cost overrun etc. so that you could be sure about what lay ahead. You can either meet up in person or contact via phone to get started with the interior designing work.

Clear all your doubts

After the meeting, one would expect all doubts to go away and leave you with much-needed clarity in regard to hiring the designer. Right from cost to duration to services to finishing touches, you must be sure about everything by asking a lot of questions of the designer. With all specifics jotted down on the paper, you’re least likely to miss out on anything in terms of asking with the designer.

Look to be on the same page

Before hiring an interior designer, you’d like both of you to be on the same page in terms of styles, detailing and specifics of the work. You may have certain reservations about some aspect of the designer but being a bit open-minded and accommodative would be the need of the hour. You needn’t be in consent to all the ideas of the designer and not should not allow him/her to force down upon yourself designs. But yes, you can’t ignore all their suggestions as well.

Compare notes and find the best option

After meeting with the designers, you’d be in a position to compare notes by matching your requirements with that of services offered by experts. It’d be a mistake to prefer a cheaper option hoping it to ensure great results, which is not always the right case. You rather need to take on board a designer who ticks most boxes easily.

Sign a contract

Lastly, you can sign a contract and get the work started in due time. The contract must have all the details in regard to the timeline, budget, works and services and responsibilities from both the parties. After all, you can start the interior designing work based on the plan in min.

Using Houseplants to Decorate Your Home

When I first purchased my home 20 years ago, I went from a two bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house. The first thing I found was that I had a ton of empty space that needed to be filled, problem number one. The second problem was that I didn’t have a lot of extra money to buy additional furniture and home accessories. The cheapest way I discovered to decorate was to buy a few houseplants. My initial investment consisted of two houseplants, two flower pots, two plant stands, potting soil, and two crossed fingers because I wasn’t an expert by far in growing houseplants. I started decorating my dining room first, because it was empty, and I had two large windows that allowed great light into the room.

The first two plants I purchased were a Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) and a Schefflera (Umbrella Tree). Both plants were small when I purchased them and, believe it or not, I still have both 20 years later. The Umbrella Tree is very large and the Golden Pothos is now in a hanging basket, with the vines trailing down and across the floor. I have taken stem cuttings from the Pothos and started other plants several times over the years. Pothos is an air-cleaning plant that removes formaldehyde in the air that comes from carpet and other materials in our homes. They are very low maintenance and only require bright light and water once a week. This plant is extremely easy to grow and even the novice gardener will have success with this plant. The plant can grow to 8 feet or more and easily fills empty space. The Umbrella Tree also requires bright light and should be turned occasionally to keep it growing evenly. I water this plant once per week as well. This plant can grow up to six feet tall and may need some support as it gets larger. I do spray both plants daily to keep the humidity high, as heat from furnaces and cool air from an air conditioner can dry out the air in the room.

Houseplants clean the air by removing formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, alcohol, xylene and other toxic chemicals harmful to the human body. Plants also improve the air quality by restoring oxygen to the air that we breathe. They also have a calming effect and make us feel good. What began as two houseplants to fill empty space has turned into 13 plants in my dining and living room over the years. I have also made room for 9 plants at my workplace to fill empty space and clean the air there as well. Houseplants can bring years of joy if given the proper care and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money when used to decorate.

Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

1. It saves Money and Time:

Although it is strange, hiring an interior designer would actually save you money. It saves you from doing costly design mistakes.

Budgeting and Planning: A designer does the budgeting and saves your effort and time for the same. Be crystal clear in your budgeting and trust the designer to make the most of your budget. The designer will save you from paying too much for something which you would have got at half of the price you paid.

Increased Sale or Resale value: Hiring a designer helps you to increase the sale or resale value of your house.

Save time: Even if you think that you can decorate your home yourself, remember that you need to pull this off with the limited spare time that you have. Everything will be done faster and you’ll have less head-ache if you hire a professional.

2. Professional Assessment is better:

It is said that, “Incredible designing doesn’t happen by chance.” You need a professional if you want quality work.

Professional designer would have a solid action plan which would help you to spend efficiently too. Trained eyes can help you avoid some common mistakes and they can notice certain details which were overlooked by you. There are certain details to be verified by an expert. For instance, the living room furniture must be symmetrical, the coffee table must be of the right dimension, the carpet flooring must be suitable, art on the left must fit in with the doors on the right. “Harmony is beauty”, when it comes to interiors and designers know how to make things aesthetically appealing.

Hiring a professional would not only ensure that your home d├ęcor doesn’t have mismatching vibes but it would also make sure that your home is ‘vaastu’ complaint too. If you are a believer this would matter and it helps in adding resale also. Ordering incorrect size, hiring random electricians who are unaware of the present trends, choosing indifferent wall colors, buying ill-fitting furniture are some of the common costly errors that can be avoided by seeking professional help.

DIY or ‘Do It Yourself’, is a western trend. But when it comes to remodeling your house or so, it is always better to seek professional help as you may end up paying more for fixing things that you wrongly broke. This is especially true if you are planning to move walls.

3. Get Liaison:

A designer is the bridge between you and your architect or construction contractor. It’s so important that the lighting and furnishing needs are addressed before construction. For example, your living room sofa must have proper lighting and matching floor tiles. The designer can co-ordinate better with sub-departments of the construction team.

When you are renovating for the first time, you want someone to fight on your behalf. Dealing with contractors and their team can be pretty taxing. It’s really good to have a middle man. Clients are usually overtly nice and they hesitate to demand more than what they are provided. Designers can bridge this gap.

4. Better Contacts:

Connections are something that one develops over time. It can’t be brought. Hiring an interior designer will indirectly link your project with all his professional contacts and this will bring a lot of skilled persons to your project.

A designer knows exactly where to go for resources. If he doesn’t, he will do the research for you. It is best to delegate.

5. The third umpire:

Let’s admit it! You, your spouse and the rest of the family members will have different opinions on home interiors. In order to make important decisions, it’s best to hire a third party who is a professional in this domain.

6. Amazing finish and artistic look:

Hiring a designer will bring the “wow” factor to your project. They usually think out of the box, spatially and keep the big picture in the mind, always. They are expected to artistically enhance the space and the quality of your life in that space. Good designers usually don’t disappoint you. They convert your house into a home!

Creativity: Most challenging thing to do while decorating a space is to fit all things together. If you have age old home interior items that you don’t want to let go, then fitting it in a newly designed space might be an issue. An interior designer has lots of tricks up his sleeve and he is your best bet to solve these challenges.

7. The personal touch:

You want a designer who understands your personality. The golden rule is not to just hire any designer! You need to meet him for lunch or so and see how you get along. They need to design the space to match your personality. When deciding on a design, please share as much information as possible so that the designer gets your perspective.

Please follow the above steps to choose the best interior designers.

Incorporate the Contemporary Tile Mania for a Charismatic Impact

Tiles have not been around forever though it might seem that way when you consider how universal they have become. Residential and commercial establishments use them almost everywhere in great variety. Artistic and technological inventiveness have succeeded in putting up an awesome selection of tiles that truly touch the heart.

No, they are not as expensive as one might think, some varieties like porcelain and ceramic being surprisingly affordable. Some of the good things in life, fortunately, come almost for free! The high-end marble varieties may cost the earth though and the first step in implementing the tile fantasy in the home may be the drawing up of a budget.

Websites do display the costs of the various tiles. The Visualizer does help to imagine how the walls and floors would look like with the different tile option combinations. Now, consider the areas to be clad and simple arithmetic would deliver a random amount.

Exotic tile effects

Whether the family would be comfortable to repeat the same tile colors and patterns throughout the home is the question. Lots of families have a unified design with similar colors and patterns running right through the abode. Would it not be far more exciting to have different themes for each of the living rooms and bedrooms?

Consider the 3D tiles and the blends of metal, glass and stone tiles that would bring a business feel to the home. Create sizzling environments that you might find in a nightclub or film studio. Though such decorations may suit businesses better, a lot of homes that run home offices do spruce up the environments to impress visitors and attract more clients.

Glass tiles present truly immersive experiences with a fantasy world of light and color that make up dazzling themes based on certain ideas or themes. Whether it is a tropical forest greenery or the blue sky and sea, such effects can be mesmerizing. Ease and relaxation, happiness and productivity, study and work certainly improve rapidly in such a cheering setting.

Finding inspiration in the arts can start with the mosaic tiles, available in amazing materials, colors and designs. Choices may be difficult in the face of such an amazing variety. Decide if the family preference is for light shades or loud and rich colors. Plain shades maybe classic but wild designs stand out and make bold statements.

Why do people go to such labor and expense over tile decorations? The result is character building just like human costumes, in a sense. Tiles dress up the walls and floors just like the coats and gowns dress up human bodies.

Get contemporary with the decorations

Hardwood may be classy and expensive floors but are prone to damage and difficult to maintain. Vinyl and Wallpaper too have their deficiencies in maintenance, and will not last so long, though the scenes may be changed each time. Consider polystyrene ceiling tiles that look amazing. Faux leather 3D wall panels also look bewitching if you need variety.

Tile decorations fit in everywhere

Start with the walls, partially perhaps or a single accent wall. Wall tiles need not be too sturdy since they will not face footfalls. Porcelain will do and you find many textures and patterns like wood and fabric printed on porcelain. Floors look good too when covered with some strong materials like granite or even marble.

Besides kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor patios need tile installations because of the element of wetness that will not destroy sturdy tiles. Easy to clean with damp cloth alone, most tiles would last a generation.

Tiles could be installed around fireplaces and along the entryway, passages, and driveways. Use all the family creativity to find esthetic uses for all the sizes and shapes of tiles available. Put them on tabletops and countertops, kitchen islands and mantelpieces. The steps indoors or outside could also be covered with tiles.

Most tile varieties are impervious to water and beyond the destruction caused by water and severe heat or cold. Make sure that installations are done properly, whether professionally or DIY. Some common sense ideas would be useful like rough surfaces for wet areas in the bathroom. Indoor tiles should have light shades to avoid the dark appearance. Larger format tiles increase the perception of space. Get down to it.