Designer Black?

Let’s begin with the bathroom. Imagine waking up and entering a room with black walls and fixtures. Black is associated with fear, darkness, mystery and death. Why would I want an all black bathroom? Let’s paint the walls and cupboards white, install white fixtures and if you like black in your décor some black towels over the racks and a black counter top would be an elegant touch. Add a hanging green fern in the corner and voila!

The kitchen is a special challenge as the cupboard colors are not easy to change. This writer would start with all white cabinets, black granite counter tops and maybe some black trim on the windows. Add a few red small appliances to perk up the room. Some calming and relaxing colors are lavender, pale gray, cool blue, grayish blue, aqua, beige and pale pink. Use any one of these as the main color in the living room with black accent pieces

A very small amount of black in the dining area with touches of red as an appetite enhancer. Picture white walls, white curtains, red table and chairs. Hang black picture frames and place a black center piece on the white tablecloth. Finish the scene with a red table setting.

The home office should be decorated extremely lightly with black. As one wouldn’t wan a depressing atmosphere in the place of work. It’s hard to concentrate when one is depressed or feeling “closed in”.

Because if its many negative connotations black should be used sparingly in a child’s room and, then, only if the room has a lot of natural light. This writer does recall seeing a child’s room that had one wall covered with a black chalk board that the kids could write on to their heart’s content. This would be a great way for the kids to work off that wall scribbling stage many of them go through. The rest of the room could be decorated in light cheerful colors such as yellow or light green.

The living room is where we want to relax after a busy day. We certainly don ‘t want to feel depressed or mournful as in the case of too much black. Some calming and relaxing colors are lavender, pale gray, cool blue, grayish blue, aqua, beige and pale pink. Use any one of these as the main color in the living room with black accent pieces such as pillows, picture frames or an afghan for an air of elegance.

Black can be comforting if used in the bedroom. It can be smothering if used too heavily in a small space. And one must be careful as too much black is depressing and mood darkening, even producing nightmares. I’ve seen bedrooms with black ceilings and stars painted on the ceilings. If you like black, one supposes, that would be one way to create a feeling of going to bed in the great outdoors.

So, it appears, black can be used in the décor of any room so long as it is used in small accent pieces or trim Used in this way it can add elegance to any room.

Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom for a Young Girl

For home décor, size does not always matter. Do not worry if your house is small or if you do not have enough space to give your young girl a beautiful room. With some clever home improvement tips, you can make your small rooms beautiful and mesmerizing. Here are some ideas to help you make small rooms wonderfully spacious and adorable.

Understand Your Girl’s Nature

Before you think about decorating your girl’s room, it is better to consider the interests of your girl. Not all girls have the same nature. For some girls, pink and pastels colors are not on the top of their list, and definitely not all the time. Choose paints, furniture, accessories, and wallpaper designs according to your girls taste. This is one of the most important home improvement tips ever. Some girls like the Barbie theme while others may like a contemporary or traditional look.

Choose the Furniture Wisely

You may face fewer space issues in small rooms but that is not a big problem. It is only a matter of making a smart choice for your room furniture. Girls need more space in rooms than boys usually need. It is better to make arrangements that make maximum storage along with keeping the room airy.

You can choose tables with drawers that can store many things. Choose something that serves a double purpose. For example, the convertible sofa beds are one of the greatest home improvement tips. You can use them as sofas during the day and convert them into a bed at night. Besides, you can hang the TV on the wall instead of placing them on a table. You can even use the space below the beds to store clothes and other things.

Keep Things Bold and Fun

Colors play a great role in your room’s décor and they affect the girls’ personality. Girls’ rooms are not supposed to be pink all the time. You might have read about many home improvement tips that endorse pink for girls, but times have changed. A girl’s room can be of any bold color or can even have walls with multiple colors for a picturesque look from different angles. You can work with contrasting colors and themes.

Installing some amazing flooring is a good option. You can add bright rugs or add texture that would complement the rooms. You can also add plush animal mat for your kids to play on if it matches the kids’ personality and taste. The fluffy texture of mat gives the room a soft touch. You can create mats of your girl’s favorite character with some easy DIY methods available online.

Accessorize the Walls

Surprise your girl with something different. This is also one of the most important home improvement tips. You can choose wall stickers or paper flowers to make the walls look enchanting and attractive. There are a lot more ideas, which can help you to make your rooms amazing. You can try 3D art, wall hangings, hanging flowerpots, lighting, dotted style, and more.

The perfect living style is a combination of comfort and a pleasing environment. Home Décor not only makes your lifestyle stylish and luxurious but will also increase the fun of living in your house.

A Beautiful Home of Dreams

Today we think and worry about the fact that the world is becoming more and more polluted due to increasing traffic and industries. The environment is getting worse day by day. But it has been scientifically proven that the air inside our homes is more polluted than the air outside. Our homes have become more polluted than the environment due to use of artificial things, materials and chemical products used for cleaning and maintaining out homes. To keep your home environment friendly always keep it clean, tidy, rubbish free and dust free. This can be done by vacuuming and dusting frequently.

We always want to relax and comfort ourselves at home. But if our home is not clean and tidy we will never be able to achieve our goal. To make your home comfortable and relaxing design it naturally. Use environmentally friendly materials to design and decorate your home. Use natural fabrics in your home like hemp, bamboo, indoor plants and other natural materials which are grown and harvested in an earth friendly manner. By following healthy design trends, we can opt for environmentally healthy homes. Health of your home and your family are the most important factors when you design your home.

This trend is extremely easy and beautiful to live with. Sophisticated living with environmentally friendly design can convert your home into a warm and cozy place to live in. Decorating and designing your home with natural ingredients, takes your home to new heights and provides you with uncompromising style and sophisticated living.

Home interior designing improves the overall look of your house. To make your home designing affordable, recycling is the best option. Reusing plastic containers, wood, paper and cans, reduces the cost of designing your homes. Reuse of materials and a little bit of creativity can help you save a lot of money. A mix and match of old and new trends can make your home look attractive and unique. While you design and decor your house the most important thing to consider along with creativity is the proportion and balance. Coordination between the two is very essential to make the house look beautiful and attractive.

Even colors play a very important role when you design your home. Go for bright colors for your home. You can even try bold color on one of the walls. Choosing colors for your home is one of the most important factors.

Window Coverings – Vision Blinds or Twin Blinds With Automatic Control and Safety Measures

Vision blinds are one of the safest blinds that produce more privacy to the room where there is a need with the semi-transparent and total blackout clothes alternatively in the horizontal position. We can adjust the way we want, like as if we need some excessive light control then adjust the vision blinds to make a blackout and semi-light flow combination to dim light ray that enters into the house. This is why it’s also called in the name of “Zebra Blinds” as it forms stripes as in zebra. Moreover, the vision blinds would form the functions of rolling structure, and also comes with one touch control or remote control.

First of all the blinds are regulated with manual cords where a person can pull down the left side cord to pull up the blinds or right side cord to make the blinds drop down respectively. Further, the innovation has been made to develop a one-touch corded button control to carry out operations which are motorized one. Finally, the function is evolved more into a remote control one, where the cassette headrail is motorized with a onetime charge functioning that is operated by the options on the remote control. So, by this if you are installing a vision blinds in your office, you don’t need to move near the window to make adjustments while doing a business meeting, control is at hand.

Finally, safety is considered in all types of blinds as children or your pet should not get stuck with the hanging cord while they play, as most of the accidents happen this way, as children’s curiosity is to learn new things in their own way, we can’t blame them. So, whatever type of corded blinds used it may be a vision or Venetian or roller or honeycomb blinds etc, installing the “cord cleats” makes sure that is inaccessible to children as it is fixed above a certain height 160cm above the floor level.

Here, vision blinds come as the best choice where a complete blackout for your home theatre room or a light needed for the living room with some privacy. Vision blinds also come with the roller motorized option that can be operated cordless. Almost different fabrics are supported in vision blinds; so that we can choose materials based on the space we require it. Several color options are also provided with the vision blinds which suites your room painting and furniture colors that make your home more stylish.