The Stylish Cowhide Rug For Your Floors

Cowhide has become a symbol of sophistication in the modern home. In the living room, a cowhide rug can help accent the other pieces of furniture, and bring the whole room together as a cohesive space. It serves as a visual anchor which helps draw attention to the center of the room where family and guests will be seated. In short, it’s the finishing touch that changes a room from comfortable to truly inviting.

Many people choose these types of floors because they have allergies and wish to keep their home free of dust and allergens. Cowhide rugs are hypo-allergenic, so anyone can enjoy them. Traditionally woven rugs and carpets can trap dust, while a cowhide is naturally resistant to debris.

Another main benefit of these floors is that they are durable, and in many cases, last a lifetime. The same can be said for cowhide rugs. Modern cowhides are processed in a way that ensures many years of use. The tanning of the hide ensures they can stand up well to foot traffic and maintain their beauty for a many years to come.

Cowhide rugs are an investment for your home which can serve a variety of functions over time. One reason that these rugs are so well loved is that they are so versatile. As other furniture is changed or moved around, a cowhide rug is the permanent centerpiece for a room. Many people find that when they move to a new home, they want to replace much of their existing furniture, but the cowhide rug is a permanent mainstay in their home decor. From country chic to city elegance, and everything in between, these rugs never go out of style.

Available in brown, white, black, cream, rust and a variety of patterns, there’s a cowhide for every sense of style. They are even available in brindle stripes and printed zebra stripes! Each rug is not only a piece of decor, but a unique work of art that can be proudly showcased in any home. The craftsmanship and materials speak for themselves.

In addition you can pair up your rug with matching accessories to tie your look together. Cowhide cushions, photograph frames, footstools and other items of furniture are also popular in the interior design world now and will help bring a sense of unity to your room. Cowhide offers a unique natural texture to your home in many different patterns and hues.

Exotic Bold Brilliance: Decorating With Jewel Tones

Jewel tones take on a new meaning after years of home decor in a natural earthy direction. Lively ocean blue, emerald green, Indian red and fuchsia pink color schemes we’re finally allowing some color back into our homes. The 2018 interior designers guild predicts colors that energize your interiors and jewel tones will reign supreme.

Colors that transform your soul, warm and exotic bold hues – distressed turquoise teal blues reminiscent of freshness and tranquility of the oceans, energize a space.Vibrant lively, radiant, lush emerald greens a color of elegant beauty that enhances our sense of well-being and harmony. Remember to strive for balance with intense Coral Red, hot Indian pink that transforms a room from a dull box into an exotic, rich and stunning home you never want to leave.

An Indian door in distressed teal, an antique armoire with turquoise doors, a vibrant green cabinet hammered with brass, the color spectrum of jewel tones, specifically deep sea green, ocean blue, and dark coral red make a home warm, welcoming, and mix well with other colors and neutral shades.

Dark deep hues need not overpower your decor, jewel tones can work for you whether your style is bright and bold, or if you are an earthy neutral designer. Egg shell walls with a vibrant turquoise door gives stunning definition to your living room. A TV console made from old teak doors and brass medallions in sea green with an ivory lace bedspread plays along with the romance of Beethoven playing in the background.

Incorporate rich and lush colors in a more sophisticated understated way by focusing on classical vintage furniture and accessories such as a console sideboards, Tv cabinets, antique Armoires, trunk tables, benches, old door dining tables in colors that add meaning and vibrancy.

Kitchen cabinets in shades of deep red with old Indian painting telling stories of Kings and Queens, brings in the pop of color and adds the quintessential interest. A distressed old door dining table from Jaipur lined up with white chairs gives added country charm. Play it with a simple neutral toned console or buffet, be casually chic, understated elegance is the key. A rustic brown antique Haveli arch or bench in an otherwise muted space can be visually stunning.

Vintage beaded Indian banjara patchwork decorative pillows or hand carved wall sculptures of the Tree of Life create a look of allure as well as bring in the zen element to your living room, contrasting well with neutral walls. A jewel tone bathroom chest vanity looks fresh, unexpected, and absolutely stunningly spectacular.

Pashmina bedspreads, carved colorful kamasutra headboards, vintage beaded tapestry, decorative pillows and even sheer window treatments are great bedroom opportunities for bold jewel tones that you might not use in other parts of the house. The master bedroom is your sanctuary, so use an old green sun bleached distressed Jaipur door as a headboard with dark wood nightstands thrown against the sandy ivory walls. Create a visually splendid interior that heals and vibrates with your energy.

Fresh New Looks For Your Study

Modernising your home has never been easier. Not only is it affordable but it also doesn’t require you to buy new furniture. The secret is repainting and reupholstering.

The stylish trends seem to be reversing into the classic and traditional looks. Wood is a major element to complete this look and you won’t have to get a brand new wooden unit for your computers and large book collection. There are paints and adhesive materials that can make the unit as if it is made of wood.

Plants make any room look complete and calm. Leafy plants add more colours to a room and don’t require any other matching colours. You can choose whether you want a tall plant that can be placed in the corner of the study or a small Bonsai to complement the desk top.

Walls no longer need to be vibrant colours for modern trends. You can either choose between the classic, neutral colours or bold colours. This trend allows you to be creative with the colour palette you choose.

Unique lights are a must. Installing a curved designed light on the walls will give you the appearance you are looking for. The light should escape from the top and bottom so that you can see clearly when you are working.

Trimmings of the room should be a colour on their own. The trimmings include the legs of the tables or chairs, frames, light accents, electronics and handles. This should be either a dark colour such as black or chocolate brown or a light colour such as white or silver.

Art went out of style for a while because designers felt it was old fashioned. Then, interesting and simple concepts were discovered. These modern conceptual paintings and drawings don’t distract a person too much whilst they are working and it is ideal for any style of study.

Reupholstering your office chair to look like a classic study chair will complete the new fresh look. Upholsterers will be able to suggest a material that will suit the style you have in mind. The classic study chair was either a deep red with subtle patterns or emerald green that brought out the sophistication of the room.

Important and practical factors to consider when redesigned the study include keeping carpets away from rolling chairs as the wheels don’t glide over carpets easily and could cause you to fall backwards. The computer screen should not be facing the window because the light will reflect on the screen making it more difficult to see. In addition, the light could increase the temperature and cause the computer to overheat.

Vision Blinds or Zebra Blinds for High Privacy and Diminished Light

Vision blinds are used primarily in windows where the house requires a reduction of light and at the same time they need privacy, and this is achieved with two fabrics with a semi-transparent and opaque fixed alternative in strips of light blinds. If you ask for blinds to support this type of intimacy day and night, blinds are the best option. Individual vision slats can be decorated with a variety of colors that it provides. The fabric material is attached to the upper and lower roll, which can be accessed with cables. The control option can come with the hoist cable or completely wireless with the remote control.

Vision blinds give the house an elegant and modern look that attracts the people who would be your guests at the entrance of the house. The light penetrates through the blinds, but you cannot see anything from the outside of the window, which makes the vision more blind for the house and protects it if you need to close completely at night. There are several names given for blinds that say “Zebra Blinds” or “Twin Blinds” or “Duo-shade Blinds” with respect to the name and design used in the material. A person can roll the blinds easily when not in use.

If you notice it, the electricity bill will begin to decrease after the installation of blinds, because the decrease in sunlight would help turn off the lights. And to compare the blinds with other types of blinds and shutters, it offers more privacy and control of light day and night. Several collections of elegant and luxurious fabrics and varieties of colors are available over others in the blinds. At home, this blind vision is considered one of the best options for living and sleeping.

There is a variety of color choice available to choose from vision blinds with your interior paintings and design that you have already made. Patterns of fabrics and the individual material are selected based on the requirement on the atmosphere where it is going to get installed as cotton fabrics can’t be used in bathroom and other places with over moisture, living places can’t use polyester material where the sunlight is getting filtered to produce the needed insulation etc. Vision blinds would be more effective if the fabric is selected correctly as per requirements of each room.

Whatever the size of the window, there is always a perfect fit and measured with a number of colors and fabrics present with vision blinds to offer.