Designer Black?

Let’s begin with the bathroom. Imagine waking up and entering a room with black walls and fixtures. Black is associated with fear, darkness, mystery and death. Why would I want an all black bathroom? Let’s paint the walls and cupboards white, install white fixtures and if you like black in your décor some black towels over the racks and a black counter top would be an elegant touch. Add a hanging green fern in the corner and voila!

The kitchen is a special challenge as the cupboard colors are not easy to change. This writer would start with all white cabinets, black granite counter tops and maybe some black trim on the windows. Add a few red small appliances to perk up the room. Some calming and relaxing colors are lavender, pale gray, cool blue, grayish blue, aqua, beige and pale pink. Use any one of these as the main color in the living room with black accent pieces

A very small amount of black in the dining area with touches of red as an appetite enhancer. Picture white walls, white curtains, red table and chairs. Hang black picture frames and place a black center piece on the white tablecloth. Finish the scene with a red table setting.

The home office should be decorated extremely lightly with black. As one wouldn’t wan a depressing atmosphere in the place of work. It’s hard to concentrate when one is depressed or feeling “closed in”.

Because if its many negative connotations black should be used sparingly in a child’s room and, then, only if the room has a lot of natural light. This writer does recall seeing a child’s room that had one wall covered with a black chalk board that the kids could write on to their heart’s content. This would be a great way for the kids to work off that wall scribbling stage many of them go through. The rest of the room could be decorated in light cheerful colors such as yellow or light green.

The living room is where we want to relax after a busy day. We certainly don ‘t want to feel depressed or mournful as in the case of too much black. Some calming and relaxing colors are lavender, pale gray, cool blue, grayish blue, aqua, beige and pale pink. Use any one of these as the main color in the living room with black accent pieces such as pillows, picture frames or an afghan for an air of elegance.

Black can be comforting if used in the bedroom. It can be smothering if used too heavily in a small space. And one must be careful as too much black is depressing and mood darkening, even producing nightmares. I’ve seen bedrooms with black ceilings and stars painted on the ceilings. If you like black, one supposes, that would be one way to create a feeling of going to bed in the great outdoors.

So, it appears, black can be used in the décor of any room so long as it is used in small accent pieces or trim Used in this way it can add elegance to any room.

If You Wondered Why Interior Designers Love Black And White, Read On

Traditional or contemporary, black and white endure. Vintage and classic, black and white will do. The B/W harmony never fades across the ages. Try the Domino collection of porcelain tiles that bring the black and white magic into the interiors. Get creative and implement the best personalization effects. Do you really need a rainbow of colors for lucid expression? Start the journey with B/W and make decisions about colors later. Marble, slate and granite tiles combine black and white shades too.

White Glossy Fish Scale Mosaic

Society easily tires of repetitive routines like the porcelain tile designs. Try something different with this tile. It is a striking new shape that could be installed on a flashy backsplash. Curve it up or down with either a matching white grout or a dissimilar shady grout.

White Glossy 2×2 Hexagon Mosaic

The tiny 2″ hexagon-shaped porcelain tiles might appear old fashioned but will make an impact in modern bathrooms. The clean and refreshing all-white looks of kitchens and bathrooms should be preferred for several reasons. A little color or even black creates a lovely aura.

White and Black Basketweave Mosaic

The basketweave pattern is complicated but makes dramatic, contrasting use of the black and white combination. The Victorians loved it too and they are found in vintage homes. The popular minimalistic look uses it nowadays too. Though the tiles are very small, the mesh backing ensures easy installation of the strong and easy to clean tiles.

White Glossy Penny Round Mosaic

Break away from that two-dimensional bathroom. The uncommon shape of this tile does impress indeed. White grout does create a delicate effect, but the impact could be bolder with black grout.

Black Glossy Penny Round Mosiac

Though black and white balance each other, combining some different tile shapes would bring greater effect. Combine Glossy white subway tile with Black Glossy Penny Round Mosaic tile, for instance. With the differing sizes and shapes, there is yet no conflict.

White and Black Matte Octagon Mosaic

The octagon design has eternal appeal, just like the basketweaves and hexagons. Use this octagon tile with several kinds of interior décor for amazing effects. It has a matte finish, though most porcelain tiles have the glossy finish. Matte creates a restful effect since other aspects of the room may be shining like the glass in doors and appliances besides the metal fixtures.

Making color choices can be a tricky process. Black and white designs look fabulous, no matter what. Subway tiles and Glass mosaics too, if you so prefer, come in black and white patterns.