The Mood of Yellow

Yellow is the brightest color in the spectrum and is most noticed by the human eye. It means happiness, hopefulness, enthusiasm, energy, optimism, fun and cheerfulness. If your favorite color is yellow you are cheerful, fun-loving, spontaneous and sociable.

The symbolic meanings of yellow are diverse. It can mean anything from hopefulness and energy to cowardice and deceit. Psychologists say that yellow, being a warm color can evoke feelings ranging from comfort to hostility. It can be abrasive when overused. Yellow can seem cheerful and bright but it can be very visually tiring when over used.

Psychologists believe that color can affect our moods and even our actions to a certain extent. Our past experiences and cultural backgrounds also have an influence over the ways that color affects us.

Because of the high amount of light that yellow reflects it can be extremely tiring to the eye, even leading to vision loss in extreme cases.

While yellow is considered a cheerful color it can lead to anger and irritability. Babies cry more often in yellow rooms and tempers are more apt to flare up in yellow rooms.

The human metabolism can be increased by yellow. Yellow is attention-getting and is often used in advertisements and highway traffic signs.

Let’s examine the effect of yellow in our home decor on our emotions and feelings of wellbeing. We must keep in mind that past experiences also have an effect of color on our moods.

Starting in the bathroom, the light sunny shade of yellow is cheerful and can evoke feelings of optimism and energy

making for a good start of your day. Picture white fixtures and walls with yellow towels and curtains; or white walls, curtains and towels with yellow fixtures.

Off to the kitchen which has splashes of yellow and we have a happy cook because yellow is a color of energy, optimism and happiness. Some yellow is a good choice also for the dining area or breakfast nook as it is appetite stimulating. Many fast food businesses use a lot of yellow in their logos and advertising.

But we must be cautious in the use of yellow as too much can bring on feelings of anger and hostility. For this reason the use of a lot of yellow in the childrens’ rooms is not recommended by psychologists. One school official stated that after their class rooms were painted yellow more fights broke out. among the students. It has been noted that more tempers are lost in yellow atmospheres.

We’ll end our tour of the home in the adults’ bedroom. Since yellow has a sunshiny wake-up energy type of influence on the human psyche we want to be extremely cautious in the use if this color in a place where we want to relax. If you must have yellow in the bedroom it is recommended that it be used in accent pieces.

So, there you have the mood of yellow as it can be used throughout your home. It appears that too much of any one color can lead to some kind of negative mood.